Wednesday, September 6, 2017 • 9:37 am

In September 2002 Wishes 4 Kids was star

In September 2002 Wishes 4 Kids was started by Russell Brickett. Russell wanted to make local, poorly children happy and decided that they should have a wish granted, something that would make them forget that they were poorly for a while and bring the smile back on their face. In the last 15 years most of the wishes have been carried out and planned by Russell until he, himself became poorly and recently had to retire due to ill health. Russell is still around for us to pester when we need help and guidance and we always need that! We will always be grateful to him for all of the hard work, time and devotion that he has given to the Charity and want everyone to know that we will be carrying on with the excellent work Wishes 4 Kids has done over the years and hope that we can provide wishes for at least another 15 years. During that time we have completed 4828 wishes and have many more waiting for our attention. Please keep supporting us so that we can fulfil all of the children’s wishes and make them feel special whilst they are going through such terrible times. Thank you to everyone who has supported Wishes 4 Kids, it means an awful lot and on behalf of the Charity and all of the children that you have helped, THANK YOU. We cannot make these children’s wishes happen without your help and support.