Monday, October 28, 2019 • 4:00 pm

What an AMAZING afternoon we had yesterd

What an AMAZING afternoon we had yesterday.
We held our very first Wishes 4 Kids Halloween Party at Caterpillar in Desford and everybody had a brilliant time.
We would like to thank Caterpillar for letting us have the venue and a special mention must go to John and Kirsty from Caterpillar who helped us to decorate the room and worked tirelessly to make the event so special for our children.
We would also like to thank Santa Snepste who donated 140 Halloween themed cupcakes for our families to enjoy.
A huge thank you to Sharon Clutton who let us use her projected pumpkin display which looked fantastic.
Also thank you to our very own Paula McAllister who is always there when we need her.
We are so grateful to you all and could not have managed without you.